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In The Press: Brand Power in Print and Promotional Items

Posted by David Holland on 2/10/16 2:27 PM

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David Holland has made a name for himself in the print world with his innovative supply-chain and marketing services solutions. But while Holland’s career may be a testament to his ability to execute complex strategies, his initial path was more direct. Like many new graduates, he was after two things: passion and financial stability. He found both.

“I was like many [people] after graduating from college in 1980—my first thought was to find a job and make some money,” Holland recalled. “Little did I know that that first job would lead to a passion for an industry that would change in the next 30 years more than [it had] in the prior 200.”

Inspired by the fundamentals of hard work and personal responsibility, Holland climbed the ranks in management for major corporations, including Reynolds and Reynolds Company, and Relizon, the latter of which was eventually acquired by Workflow Management, the parent company of WorkflowOne.

During his presidency at WorkflowOne, Holland led a transition involving new clientdriven technology, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. He parted ways with the company in 2007, and WorkflowOne’s loss became DataSource’s gain. As president and CEO, Holland has stayed busy spearheading DataSource’s transformation from a broadbased print supply-chain leader to a marketing- and brand-focused partner to big-name retailers, providing marketing as a service.

Read on as Holland talks shop.

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In the Press: Healthcare Business Today; A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy for Integrating and Streamlining Communications Efforts

Posted by David Holland on 12/1/14 9:57 AM

From Healthcare Business Today, November 2014

For communications professionals in the healthcare industry, especially those handling marketing responsibilities for multi-location facilities, maintaining order and quality control in a cost-effective manner is paramount. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Brochures, flyers, training materials, and other collateral cost money to print and ship. Promotional items used organization wide for employee programs, corporate promotions and company stores such as pens, business cards, and others require budget allocation that is often forgotten. Even when the materials are created in-house, it can be difficult to produce and store them at facilities in a certain region, let alone around the country.  For local facilities, customization is crucial, and measurement becomes a challenge, as enterprise level marketers are tasked with procurement, production, fulfillment, housing, and more.

For those reasons, and others, Marketing Resource Management (MRM) has emerged as a comprehensive marketing strategy for healthcare organizations looking to integrate and streamline communications efforts.  According to the leading analyst firm, Gartner, MRM is “a set of processes and capabilities designed to enhance a company’s ability to orchestrate and optimize internal and external marketing resources.” How does this apply to healthcare marketing? Let’s lead with an example:

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