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DataSource Launches Digital Presence Management

Posted by Tracy Sloger on 10/10/15 2:43 PM

Digital Presence Management(KANSAS CITY, MO) – October 12, 2015 -- DataSource, Inc., one of America’s leading managed marketing services providers, today announced the launch of their B2Local® Digital Presence Management platform designed to analyze a national brand’s digital footprint and provide hyper-focused results to improve online engagement and search rankings within local markets from one centralized location.

The easy to access and utilize platform is designed evaluate organic search results, business listings, and social media engagement in the effort to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results, engage new and existing customers, and increase lead generation with the goal of ultimately driving revenue in local markets.

The platform will provide analysis and implementation to centralize, claim, monitor and engage local search and social channels, including, but not limited to:

  • Locator Management: Ensure local markets are making a strong first impression
  • Listing Management: Gain instant insight and control digital profiles at both local and national levels
  • Analytics and Competitive Insight: Establish easy dashboard access and functionality to power location and competitive insights
  • Local Pages: Share location-specific content such as store coupons, regional events, or other in-store details
  • Desktop and Mobile Advertisements: Develop relevant and target location-driven ads that resonate with key audiences and drive sales
  • Review Management: Provide instant centralized and actionable insights, as well as the ability to monitor, listen and respond at a local level

“Our Local Presence Management solution is a comprehensive platform that we believe will provide our clients with ongoing Return On Investment, while cementing DataSource as a premier provider of integrated marketing solutions,” said David Holland, CEO of DataSource. “Local Presence Management is a key area of focus for our clients; national brands with hundreds or even thousands of locations. Our emphasis on local outreach through the use of branded and cost-effective tools through our turnkey platforms, is one of the reasons our Company has continued to garner a positive reputation among industries spanning retail, restaurant, healthcare, transportation, and finance. We look forward to growing this division of our business and driving revenue while reducing costs for our clients.”

About DataSource

DataSource, based in Kansas City, MO, is a leading provider of managed marketing operations services that, through best-in-class technology and process automation, empowers brand management across multi-location organizations such as franchises, supply and wholesale operations, distributed sales teams, retail, and restaurants. Services include production and distribution of integrated multi-channel marketing/advertising campaigns and materials for local markets, program design, sourcing, warehousing, fulfillment, and on-demand marketing technology and reporting. Visit DataSource at and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @DataSourceInc

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