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Eagle Home Mortgage Retains DataSource to Support Brand Growth with Marketing Execution Solutions

Posted by Tracy Sloger on 3/4/16 10:54 AM

(KANSAS CITY, MO) – March 4, 2016 -- DataSource, Inc., one of America’s leading managed marketing services providers, announced today that Eagle Home Mortgage has partnered with DataSource to support the brand’s growth by automating and streamlining its marketing efforts in the numerous local regions it serves.

Eagle Home Mortgage is a financial serviceMarketNow_Technology_Video_Graphic.jpgs subsidiary of Lennar Corporation, a S&P 500 real estate and financial services leader, which employs over 6,600 associates nationwide and is one of the nation’s largest home builders with over 800,000 homes sold and delivered.

DataSource will provide its traditional managed marketing services and technology solutions to improve the process of creating, procuring and distributing branded merchandise materials to over 80 branch offices nationally. This will include the development of a customized marketing portal for branch management and mortgage bankers to access branded materials; establishing a network of branded partners to serve as local vendors; manage warehousing and fulfillment; and the ability to track usage, inventory, and maintain budget control for market materials. These marketing initiatives will allow Eagle Home Mortgage to avoid “silo buying” and streamline their marketing efforts while minimizing manual interaction.

“We are excited to establish this partnership with Eagle Home Mortgage, a company whose core business is powered by relationships with the public they serve,” said David Holland, CEO of DataSource. “DataSource is an ideal partner for Eagle Home Mortgage, as our experience in supporting professional services providers by strengthening their branding and marketing initiatives resonates so well at the local level. Their dedication to providing clients with the best service possible aligns with our vision of brand uniformity, streamlined marketing initiatives, and driving ROI at both enterprise and local levels.”

About DataSource

DataSource, based in Kansas City, MO, is a leading provider of managed marketing operations services that, through best-in-class technology and process automation, empowers brand management across multi-location organizations such as franchises, supply and wholesale operations, distributed sales teams, retail, and restaurants. Services include production and distribution of integrated multi-channel marketing/advertising campaigns and materials for local markets, program design, sourcing, warehousing, fulfillment, and on-demand marketing technology and reporting. Visit DataSource at and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @DataSourceInc


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