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Eagle Home Mortgage Retains DataSource to Support Brand Growth with Marketing Execution Solutions

Posted by Tracy Sloger on 3/4/16 10:54 AM

(KANSAS CITY, MO) – March 4, 2016 -- DataSource, Inc., one of America’s leading managed marketing services providers, announced today that Eagle Home Mortgage has partnered with DataSource to support the brand’s growth by automating and streamlining its marketing efforts in the numerous local regions it serves.

Eagle Home Mortgage is a financial services subsidiary of Lennar Corporation, a S&P 500 real estate and financial services leader, which employs over 6,600 associates nationwide and is one of the nation’s largest home builders with over 800,000 homes sold and delivered.

DataSource will provide its traditional managed marketing services and technology solutions to improve the process of creating, procuring and distributing branded merchandise materials to over 80 branch offices nationally. This will include the development of a customized marketing portal for branch management and mortgage bankers to access branded materials; establishing a network of branded partners to serve as local vendors; manage warehousing and fulfillment; and the ability to track usage, inventory, and maintain budget control for market materials. These marketing initiatives will allow Eagle Home Mortgage to avoid “silo buying” and streamline their marketing efforts while minimizing manual interaction.

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In the Press: Healthcare Business Today; A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy for Integrating and Streamlining Communications Efforts

Posted by David Holland on 12/1/14 9:57 AM

From Healthcare Business Today, November 2014

For communications professionals in the healthcare industry, especially those handling marketing responsibilities for multi-location facilities, maintaining order and quality control in a cost-effective manner is paramount. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Brochures, flyers, training materials, and other collateral cost money to print and ship. Promotional items used organization wide for employee programs, corporate promotions and company stores such as pens, business cards, and others require budget allocation that is often forgotten. Even when the materials are created in-house, it can be difficult to produce and store them at facilities in a certain region, let alone around the country.  For local facilities, customization is crucial, and measurement becomes a challenge, as enterprise level marketers are tasked with procurement, production, fulfillment, housing, and more.

For those reasons, and others, Marketing Resource Management (MRM) has emerged as a comprehensive marketing strategy for healthcare organizations looking to integrate and streamline communications efforts.  According to the leading analyst firm, Gartner, MRM is “a set of processes and capabilities designed to enhance a company’s ability to orchestrate and optimize internal and external marketing resources.” How does this apply to healthcare marketing? Let’s lead with an example:

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Topics: Omni-Channel Marketing, brand supply chain, integrated marketing, marketing resource management, Marketing as a Service (MaaS), healthcare marketing

In the Press: Chain Store Age; Emergence of Omnichannel Marketing

Posted by Tracy Sloger on 10/29/14 2:35 PM

From Chain Store Age, October 2014

The role of “marketer” is not as simple as it used to be. Outbound and inbound methods are constantly evolving as traditional marketing efforts become more complex, and newer digital tactics are implemented and maintained at breathtaking speeds. Omnichannel marketing, while still a buzzword for some, is becoming more real for many. 
While most of us acknowledge the obvious benefits of coordinating marketing efforts through multiple channels, there is still some question as to what omnichannel marketing is and how it can be integrated into traditional marketing efforts for stores and sales groups with hyper-local audiences. While it is true that digital and social marketing provide multiple channels and means for engagement as well as execution, there are still many traditional marketing roles within an omnichannel marketing campaign for you to consider.
So what is omnichannel marketing? Omnichannel provides a seamless approach for consumer engagement with brands, allowing them to experience the product or services, rather than just make a one-time purchasing decision. Now more than ever, customers and clients are touched through various marketing vehicles, all of which either possess or lead to a call to action that not only results in a purchasing decision, but in future purchases, engagements, and referrals. 
Below are some areas to focus on when discussing and implementing an omnichannel strategy.
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International Freight Carrier Enlists DataSource to Provide Branded Supply Chain Solutions

Posted by Tracy Sloger on 6/16/14 3:36 PM

(KANSAS CITY, MO) – June 16, 2014 -- DataSource, Inc., one of America’s leading managed marketing services providers, announced today they have been retained by a prominent international freight carrier to provide brand supply chain solutions as they continue to increase coverage and sales efforts.

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DataSource Signs North American Wholesale Flooring Source

Posted by Tracy Sloger on 2/24/14 3:06 PM

Leading Brand Supply Chain and Marketing Operations Services Provider Partners with Members-Only Flooring Resource

(KANSAS CITY, MO) DataSource, Inc., one of America’s leading brand supply chain and marketing operations services providers, announced they have signed an agreement with the largest trade-only wholesale flooring source in North America.

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