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In The Press: Brand Power in Print and Promotional Items

Posted by David Holland on 2/10/16 2:27 PM

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David Holland has made a name for himself in the print world with his innovative supply-chain and marketing services solutions. But while Holland’s career may be a testament to his ability to execute complex strategies, his initial path was more direct. Like many new graduates, he was after two things: passion and financial stability. He found both.

“I was like many [people] after graduating from college in 1980—my first thought was to find a job and make some money,” Holland recalled. “Little did I know that that first job would lead to a passion for an industry that would change in the next 30 years more than [it had] in the prior 200.”

Inspired by the fundamentals of hard work and personal responsibility, Holland climbed the ranks in management for major corporations, including Reynolds and Reynolds Company, and Relizon, the latter of which was eventually acquired by Workflow Management, the parent company of WorkflowOne.

During his presidency at WorkflowOne, Holland led a transition involving new clientdriven technology, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. He parted ways with the company in 2007, and WorkflowOne’s loss became DataSource’s gain. As president and CEO, Holland has stayed busy spearheading DataSource’s transformation from a broadbased print supply-chain leader to a marketing- and brand-focused partner to big-name retailers, providing marketing as a service.

Read on as Holland talks shop.

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In The Press: Promotional Items for the Financial Industry

Posted by Michelle England on 7/1/15 12:04 PM

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You can bank on a plethora of sales opportunities with financial institutions. Representing 7.5% of ad specialty revenues, this market ranks in fourth place.

Cardinal rule number one: Know your customer. Retail banks and financial service companies are shifting their focus to their customer. Increased competition and a low-growth, low-margin business environment is forcing banks to find ways to distinguish themselves in an increasingly commoditized world, according to a report, “2015 Retail Banking Trends,” published by Strategy& (formerly Booz & Co.).

“Although most banks have virtually identical products, their customers are obviously distinct, and hence, offer these firms a pathway for differentiation,” the report says. This represents a tremendous opportunity for the promotional product industry, and the finance sector with its reliance on referrals and relationships is one of its top markets. Representing 7.5% of ad specialty revenue, the finance market ranks as number four of the top five markets for ad specialty sales.

“Loan officers, sales reps and agents are seeking a one-to-one connection with potential clients, and promotional products are a good way to intersect and give those prospects an item to keep them top of mind,” says Michelle England, director of branded merchandise at DataSource Inc. (asi/174103).

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In The Press: 4 Tips for a Branded Merchandise Strategy

Posted by Michelle England on 6/1/15 1:02 PM

We are honored to be featured in Total Retail; a Retailer's Source for Content and Community and are excited to share this article with our audience. As always, if we can help you with your integrated branded merchandise programs, please email to or give us a call at 877.846.9120.


Branded merchandise (i.e., promotional product) has always been seen as a sidebar for grand openings or sponsorships; however, it should play an integral role within your overall marketing strategy. Through the use of branded merchandise, retailers can show brand personality, reinforce their message and understanding of target audience, and engage with customers in a way that will create brand resonance. Case in point, a 2014 study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute found that promotional products deliver commanding advertiser recall among 85 percent of consumers surveyed.

However, to achieve optimal results with your branded merchandise, it’s important to have a strategy in place that’s tailored to the needs of your target customers. Here are some tips to make sure you use promotional products effectively:

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